Trust the timing of your life

One of the most important aspects of your life is the timing, which most people lag in.


Do you trust the timing of your life right now?

Two key components are defining you in this area of your life: the patience when you have nothing and the attitude when you have everything. You should never get disappointed when you don’t get the expected results in your life.


We should understand that everyone has their own time clock in their life, and that same life moves according to the specifically designed clock. We should also understand and accept the fact that everything happens in time. That’s why you should trust the timing in your life. We all have those moments when we think that everything is going perfectly as planned but then a negative thing happens, or when we think we did nothing and we were not productive, etc. – something really good happens just like that. And all these reasons, facts, and statements are telling you only one thing – trust the timing of your life.


Two things are defining you in this area of your life: the patience when you have nothing and the attitude when you have everything. Patience is one of the key components of this kind of thing. A mother has to wait for 9 months to deliver a baby. There is a timing that ensures a healthy baby. So, you must trust the timing of your life.


You should consider the fact that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is always good and positive. It can never be a negative reason even if you think that – you do, because of the process and it is hard, it will be, none sad it won’t. But it’s not impossible, so go for it because you deserve it. We all have negative moments in our lives, thinking we are going to lose our mind, crying all day, not going out,… but after some years; when you look back and start connecting those dots of life, you will find that all incidents are interlinked. Things happen to make you more mature and prepared to deal the future challenges; with enhanced experiences and wisdom. You know, Steve Jobs once said:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Whatever happens in your life; trust that it has happened for a reason. That every person who enters your life, every change, every incident, every experience, every conversation, every little moment – good or bad, is all meant to be. The challenges and opportunities come at different point of times have greater purpose for future.


You’re asking yourself why you cannot trust your life timing? The answer might be comparison. These days we are living in an era where social media are setting the standards for everything, and by this comparison occurs for real and unreal things. Trust me, comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can do to your mental health. If I started writing about comparison right now, the length of this blog post would be 5000+ words so I won’t – I will talk about it in a separate post. Just, love yourself as you are with all your pros and cons. You are beautiful, smart, confident and good-looking in your own way and that’s what makes you special because none can be you – so don’t try to be someone else.


Now, the second question you ask yourself is how do I start trusting my life timing? And guess what, I got the answer. Gratitude. By being grateful for all those moments in the past, all those dots I was talking about above. Be grateful for the smallest things in your life. That’s a good starting point for trusting your life timing. 


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Will you trust the timing of your life after reading this post?
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