Take the risk or lose the chance

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Before I start, I just wanted to tell you that everything you do on my blog is really important to me, you’ve helped me and my team out in ways you can’t imagine. Today, I’ve decided to talk about risk, what it represents and how we should treat it. Enjoy!

The word risk, is a noun with the description “possible danger of something”. The word itself has a very complex meaning, various theories, views, etc. I hope this post will help you develop a more concrete opinion on the concept of risk.

It’s natural that we fear the danger of whatever negative outcome we think a situation might lead to. But as I’ve said before, fear is the most negative of all emotions, in my opinion at least. Risk is only negative when we associate it with fear. However, when we associate it with success or other positive emotions, it becomes a positive thing itself.

Risk doesn’t always come with negative outcomes, in fact a lot of the time we think that it will

-Imagine yourself as the artist from the previous post (if you have not read it, click here to read the example). In addition to everything that surrounds the artist, all the negative attitudes, opinions, and advice directed by the environment that point the finger at the artist – arouse negative emotions in him, including the fear of the negative outcome of the risk and that are to go his own way, to apply for a prestigious university – but not be admitted, and be ashamed when he returns to his homeland. It is a very wrong way of thinking, I think this shows the courage of those who want to achieve a goal because it is not enough just to want to do something – the universe understands desire as dissatisfaction. You have to work for what you want – in this case, the artist had to give his maximum to bring his portfolio to perfection, and also to do his best for the letter he will send, to sound and look quite good. Only those things are in his control, he leaves the rest to the higher powers. However, he must not say, anyway if they have to accept me, they will accept me, I can not do anything here – and stop working on his works. Another thing, much more important than all this, is that the artist, in parallel with the technical things, must work on himself and his personal mental development. He should not feel ashamed if he is not accepted to study at a foreign university. On the contrary, he should be proud of himself, because he risked his lifetime decision, and did his best to accomplish what he wanted. And that’s the only thing that makes him different from the others who have not even tried – they chose the easier option. It is the wall that separates him from the same flock of white sheep led by one man or group of people trying to standardize things and make people think only within the comfort zone and not even a millimeter outside the cube. That is what makes him spiritually rich, that is what makes him special and unique. It’s just that everyone should do it – you owe it to yourself, remember these words.

One day, when all this is over – you from the future will be proud of yourself from the past, and at the end of the post, I have something to tell you.

I got a message, I think it’s for you:


I am you from the future. I just wanted to tell you some things about me. I want you to know that I am healthy, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Because you believed in me 6 years ago and I succeeded! I’m currently at work, doing what you have always wanted to do! I live in your fantasy house, I have the dog you dreamed of getting. I drive the car you always wanted. The plan was realized, and only thanks to you and your actions! EVERYTHING YOU DID PAID OFF!

I am waiting for you, it’s not always going to be the perfect path towards what you want, but it will be a path, it will be a journey. And you will eventually arrive. Do not forget: CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, TAKE THE RISK OR LOSE THE CHANCE!!

lots of love,

you from the future <3

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