Outside the borders = real happiness


I hope you feel great today. I wrote you a post that I hope will help you think a little differently, and show you things from a different angle. Enjoy reading.

In today’s post, I decided to write about the bonds that are set in our brain from birth and become narrower with growth and development. As in every post, we will first define the word “border”. And then we gonna move to explain it. The word “border” is a  noun with the description “Endpoint that can be reached, something that can be allowed”.

Of course, there is much more to be said than the sentence above. We all have our standards and criteria in life according to which we look at things or people around us. But do we ever wonder if our criteria are relevant? Are they acceptable? Are they hurting anyone? Can anyone feel uncomfortable or hurt by them? Rarely does anyone ask about these things – and we should all do it. It is the bonds by which most people create “their own” criteria – and present them as original or personal. Yes, we can have criteria for how a body should look, diet, etc. However, we need to understand that SUCH CRITERIA ESPECIALLY, we can set them ONLY for ourselves. For example, if you have a criterion that you should exercise and have 3 meals a day. But, one big BUT – you can set this criterion just and only for YOURSELF. You can’t convince everyone around you to do it – or tell them it’s right. Because we are in the 21st century and if you have not yet realized the fact that TRUE and WRONG do not exist today, but only DIFFERENT and it should be respected – then you can not go further with the work on yourself, so please return to the basic level and learn the basics first. When it comes to yourself, you also do not need to set rigorous measures in terms of how your body should look, diet, education, etc. to meet someone else’s criteria. I say this because everywhere in the world and especially in the Balkans, parents and the environment set really scary criteria such as determining the gender of colors, determining the gender of objects (pink = female, blue = male). You see, such things are implanted in the brain of a small child from the earliest years and that child then grows into this same judgmental, limited person. As if time is stuck here as if it is not the 21st century. And worst of all, we all try to meet such criteria because there is a fear of not being accepted by others, fear of punishment, fear of bullying, etc. And it’s all called “normal” here, not realizing how NOTnormal this is, people continue to do the same thing over and over again. It’s like a tradition here. This is that border, that frame, that cube, that zone. I call it the black hole. A hole from which I personally came out very hard and won a fight that lasted more than 4 years. A hole of insanity, a hole in which most newborns are. That border is very difficult to cross, but difficult does not mean impossible! If I succeeded, so can you! And if you need help, here I am!

At the moment I can say that on the other side of the border it is very nice, calm, serene and everyone is happy. Everyone realized that their own happiness and achieving their own goals is the most important thing in life that every individual should experience. The road is very long, bumpy, and congested – but definitely worth it! For any advice, help, or conversation you are free to contact me by going to the contact page or by clicking HERE.

See you on the other side, I’m waiting for you!

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