My SUSHICO Macedonia experience

Hello everyone,

Before we start this blog post, I just wanted to apologize for not posting anything on my platforms last week. I don’t really like giving excuses but I did have some stuff to plan, went on quite a few meetings and I took a bit of a rest (which I realize are excuses but I do mean them, maybe I’ll make a post about responsibilities at some point, that’d be insightful I think). But the most important thing is that now I’m back and more than ever I’m striving to bring you solid content.

In today’s post I wanted to talk about my experience at this lovely little restaurant called SushiCO, located in the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje, it’s home to some wonderful food and an interesting atmosphere. You can find more details about the restaurant on their website by clicking HERE or you can contact them by clicking HERE.

Today is Monday and, unlike the iconic Garfield whom we all adore, I just adore Monday’s because I feel like: okay, new week is starting, new day, new victories, new things… This makes me feel exhilarated, the idea that it’s a fresh little start, a new little heading or new chapter in the huge book of life. Today wasn’t as productive a day as I’d like it to be, normally I try to get more done. It was kinda chilly. It was one of those beloved slob days, I just liked the vibe and I was like, another do-nothing day? – Why not?

So I went to the store at the morning, as I always do. I had to buy some regular everyday home supplies, a couple of groceries, toilet paper and so on. After that I just listened to music for 4 hours and chilled. Also I meditated twice today as always. That’s like the one thing I almost never cheat at.

There was this moment I remember so clearly, my music stopped and I got nervous, but my besties were there to save the day and called me to go out with them. I didn’t have anything to do today except write my blog post. We got out, and I prefer not going to cafés and restaurants in this very risky period so my besties offered me to go to one, and I was like I’m not so sure y’know?

They said okay but you just have to see the restaurant. We went to the restaurant and when I saw it, I was instantly taken with it. Screw the whole not being sure thing, I wanted to see what was up. We go into the restaurant and I see this big statue of Buda, honestly it was vibing to the extreme. The second thing that caught my eye was the fact that on every single table and corner there were disinfectants, and I saw some of the staff disinfecting the place, later they told me they regularly disinfect the restaurant. So it’s very clean. The atmosphere was just like WOW. We stayed for almost 4 hours. It’s a very calm place where you can stay and eat in peace. I’m not food critic and if I like something it doesn’t mean you’ll like it but DAMN was the food delicious. This is a definite recommendation from me to you, you won’t regret trying it!

For me, the most important thing in any restaurant is the service. A waiter stood over our table the whole time we were there. Regularly refilling our glasses, asking if everything was alright, being generally nice and helpful, answering any questions we had, bringing the menu and so on. While this seems like something any waiter should do, the SushiCO waiter did  it for us in a way that just felt remarkable to me. If you ever come to Skopje, I definitely RECOMMEND visiting SUSHICO. You can find them on their website

That was it for this blog post! I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please comment down bellow what places you’d recommend to people looking to visit some fun unique restaurants in Macedonia, or just some fun hang out sports you often go to.

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Emrah Jusufoski

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  1. Hahahhaha what an interesting story❤️definitely worth to read🥰 love all of your bolgs, they always make me laugh and they’re very helpful❤️keep going and i’m proud of you😍

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