Sending your name to Mars is possible


This isn’t one of my usual posts but I believe in variety, as one of the many things that makes life enjoyable and I have many interests I haven’t always been able to touch on. So, I hope this post is as fun of a fact for you as it is for me.

I will start by defining the word NASA. According to the definition of Wikipedia – NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – a space agency whose main task is to explore space. NASA is headquartered in the United States. The agency was established on October 1, 1958.

Recently, while looking through the NASA website, as one does, I found various space-related options such as articles, videos, animations and so on, which are typically available on their site so it was nothing out of the ordinary. However, this is what really caught my attention:

It’s possible to send your name to Mars with the help of NASA rovers in future missions. Namely, they have new research missions every day – so they send rovers which are named after people. This can be done by anyone so it’s not like you’ll be considered a famous scientist or astronaut or whatever else if you submit your name. But how exciting is that? Knowing one of those rover guys is named after you?

You can do this by clicking HERE and enter your first and last name (it does not have to be a first and last name, you can enter anything), your email, your country, and your zip code.

After filling in all these required fields and clicking the big button below your data, you will be able to see your “ticket” with the reserved date when that rover will be sent. You can also download the file and save it for yourself. Wouldn’t it be a fun idea to have a little poster in your room or card in your wallet? It will always remind you that somewhere out there is the other, slightly more metallic you, whose helping out with missions and advancing humanity’s state of knowledge. This one’s especially for all you space enthusiasts out there, make use of it while you can.

It is a bit dazzling to think about, though. The idea that your name, something you use to identify yourself, something people call out to you with and think of you as, is going to be used in the naming of a machine like this. A machine that will likely travel far more than you could ever hope to? That your (very un-identical) twin will bring a bit of fame to your name, at least to a room full of scientists discussing it’s findings. That someone across the world from you was designated to investigate specifically the findings from your rover – sorry I’m getting ahead of myself!

Here is my “ticket”:

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I hope you liked this post and I’d love to hear if you sent your name or if you found this little tid bit interesting, so comment away!

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