Don’t stop until you’re proud


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In today’s post, I wanted to touch on the ideas of saying “enough is enough!” when it’s needed. And whether we should say it at all. Is there a limit? Is it not a natural thing and therefore only a social construct? If so, then is it useful or useless or even hurtful to our society? Should we support creating limits ourselves?

The word border is a noun, its description in the digital dictionary being “endpoint to which something can be reached, allowed.”

Border has a much bigger value than the one espoused by its definition, after all, this word has destroyed countless dreams, being the cause of numerous anxieties, fears, and other generally demotivating emotions. Preventing people from taking a step forward and achieving the life they deserve to live. It is my firm opinion that the synonym for the word border can be “fear”. Fear is the most negative emotion in this universe.

Imagine yourself as a person who wants to be an artist and study art at a prestigious university. However, you come from a medical family and they want you to study medicine, damning you to inherit their reality instead of substituting it with your own. Everyone else around you thinks that “there is no money in art” and that “artists are crazy people”.

You have to apply for university in a month and you have not decided yet. You are surrounded by various opinions, claims, and attitudes, some negative, some positive, some from the people closest to you, some from people you barely know, some from those you value highly, others from those you feel aren’t the smartest or the most invested in your well-being. In this case, you have two options:

a) to apply for a local medical university, the chances being quite high that you will get accepted, with both some effort and your (family’s) connections you will graduate. To see everyone around you happy and satisfied with your decision and to work as a doctor for the rest of your life. All happy and satisfied EXCEPT you.

b) to apply to a prestigious art university, where the chances that you are accepted are barely even 50%, never mind you graduating. To increase the chances, take and prepare your portfolio with maximum effort and be accepted. Everyone around you is disappointed, you lose a lot of friends, you spoil a lot of relationships with the people around you. But is it more important than you and your happiness? NO. And there is no further discussion unless you have someone you love more than yourself.

You have to realize that those who really love you will support you and the things that will make you happy, even though they don’t share your opinion. If they don’t accept you, you will get used to it over time even if it’s painful.

And if you can’t, there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the dread. You can reduce communication with them to a certain level, you can ignore that topic and then everyone will have to get used to it or whatever other strategy you may have come up with.

Think of yourself as a balloon. That balloon should reach a certain cloud. The balloon flies, and on the way to the cloud, it encounters other balloons. Some of these balloons, when connected to you, will help you reach your goal even faster. While some balloons will only be an additional burden and will drag you down, as far as possible from the target.

Recognize which balloon has what purpose. Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors. Yes, he did it for the practical purpose of cutting things, but you can use them to cut the balloons (people) out of your life (not like physically, do not kill people with scissors, but like you get it fam).

There’s also this thing called the OQP (only quality people) rule. It doesn’t mean not communicating with such people, but it does mean reducing your communication to a lower level, one that involves not talking about deep topics, goals, ideas, etc. This applies to everyone who tries to block your path not only for friends and acquaintances but also for parents, distant family, etc.

I want to leave you with one thing, try to be happy and enjoy what’s happening right now, not just to wait for the day of accomplishment – but enjoy the way there.

Do not stop until you are proud!

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  1. Crushed it with the explanation, really enjoyed the topic since it’s a really sensitive matter, but you covered it pretty good.
    Keep up the great work!!

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