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Hi, my name is Emrah Jusufoski. I am a high school first-grade student. Also, I’m a blogger and a content creator. My biggest wish is to become a really good programmer. I have many interests such as Informatics, Programming, Languages, Blogging, Fashion, Drawing, Biology, Physics…I am hardworking, motivated, and ambitious. I love changes, so I usually make big changes in my life (change style, learn another language, learn new things, change my interests, etc…) I am from North Macedonia ans my mother language is Macedonian, but I also speak English, Turkish, Serbian, German, Albanian and Bulgarian. I always wanted to be older. I am very mature for my age and I am grateful for that. I have a very positive mindset, always looking at the bright side of everything. I am very organized so even if I have a lot of things to do, I always find time for myself, my family, and my friends.

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I am a lifestyle blogger. Feel free to read my blog posts by clicking the button below. I hope my blog posts will change your view and perspective on the things. Enjoy reading!


In my schedule I also separate time for making websites for my clients and their websites. Read more about the services I offer by clicking the “learn more” button below.

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I published my first blog in December 2017. The passion behind the posts and everything I do represents all the things I have gone trough in my life and the lessons I’ve learned from them. It’s so hard to create your own life path and be who you really are, and that’s why I decided to create my blog and platforms so I can help others and tell them things I wish someone told me when I started…