Emrah Jusufoski

Blogger & Content Creator

Hi, I’m Emrah Jusufoski. I am a high school first-grade student. I’m a blogger and content creator. I create content for many different platforms like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I am the owner of 3 websites. I also own a YouTube channel. You can check it by clicking here. I want to be a programmer. I have many interests such as Informatics, Programming, Languages, Blogging, Fashion, Drawing, Biology, Physics… I am hardworking, motivated, and ambitious. I love changes, so I usually make big changes in my life (change style, learn another language, learn new things, change my interests, etc…) I am from North Macedonia, My mother language is Macedonian, but I also speak English, Turkish, Serbian, German, Albanian and Bulgarian. I always wanted to be older. I am very mature for my age and I am grateful for that. I have a very positive mindset, always looking at the bright side of everything. I am very organized so even if I have a lot of things to do, I always find time for myself, my family, and my friends.


Stay Positive,