My birthday in the middle of COVID-19 global pandemic

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In today’s post I wanted to share how I celebrated my birthday in the middle of COVID-19 global pandemic. As we all know, currently, the situation isn’t exactly ideal. It’s tragic for some who have lost family members, critical and risky for others who are susceptible to the virus, and stressful for everyone regardless of their circumstances. The new COVID-19 (corona) virus is out there and people are dying. Because of the rate of infection and the number of people infected, we should protect ourselves and, by doing so, protect others.
How do I protect myself in this pandemic?
If you want to see the latest information on COVID-19 please click HERE.
My birthday is on the 30th of June, (fun fact, that means I’m a cancer in the zodiac).
So, I decided to celebrate my birthday only with my closest friends. It wasn’t in a club or a café or any public place where there would be a larger chance of infection. It was outside in a beautiful park rich with greenery and , more importantly, space; where we could keep our distance and follow the measures and recommendations espoused by the government and the World Health Organization.
I made this decision because my priority is the safety of others and myself. I wanted it to be a small celebration with my closest friends, because there’s no one else I’d rather celebrate my birthday with. I didn’t want it to last too long, mainly because I wanted to keep everyone safe. I think that it’s quite sad that most of us, if not all of us (depending on how long the pandemic lasts) will have to celebrate our birthdays in ways that might not be ideal, however I decided to make the most of it.
And it really did happen like I had planned. Not that it was some incredibly complex plan but I still felt nervous. I mean, who wouldn’t feel nervous going out to celebrate this wonderful occasion with the very small but very real risk of someone getting infected and even passing away. No one wants to be responsible for another getting sick or worse. I bought a couple of food items I had planned for and put them in packages; they were closed and there was a separate package for everyone.
To be honest, this was my favorite birthday so far. My closest friends were next to me, the stars were shining brightly in the sky, the fresh wind was gently blowing through our hair. The situation was difficult but, because of the lack of extravagance, it all felt so simple. It was a welcome difference from the complexity of modern life, from the pressure of having a big birthday that has to be this perfect happy day. I didn’t feel like I needed to make this perfect; it just needed to feel good. And it did. And I felt complete.
There was a lot of laughter, fun, friendship, and too much love!
I dedicate this post to my closest friends, who made it all such a fun, exciting day! This post also wouldn’t be complete without a big Thank You to my mother for making a delicious cake and organizing my best birthday yet.

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