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My first podcast collab is out!

I’m so excited about this! Can you imagine? My very first podcast in collaboration with The Golden Eagle (TGE) Production we made history in my carreer! Tell me your thoughts!

In the latest blog post you’ll read: what are borders, how do we set them, are they a good or a bad thing – click the button bellow and become one of the 1% of the people just by reading my posts. 

“Your advices always give results”

Your advices always help me figure out how things really work and help me to find my own point in things. If I succeed one day, it'll be because of you! Thank you so much, keep up the good work!
Kjara kondikj


On my blog, you can find really helpful posts with a lot of advices. I am not just saying them based on what I’ve read somewhere, they are based on my personal experiences. I always want to help you as much as I can.

explained by examples

To be more understandable, everything I write or say – I explain with an example so you can get the maximum of the post and the whole point. 

24/7 available for help

You can always contact me, not only for business but also for advices, help or if you just need to talk to someone. I would be honored to help anyone who’s struggling with something and wants to work on their self. 

Emrah Jusufoski

Founder and ceo

Luka Lukic

General manager

Tijana Savichevikj

PProfessional photographer

Bisera Gjurovska

Professional text editor


Here you’ll be able to see some of the companies I’ve been working and collaborating with. Enjoy!