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"Being yourself means having an unique lifestyle"

-Emrah Jusufoski

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I am a lifestyle blogger. Feel free to read my blog posts by clicking the button below. I hope my blog posts will change your view and perspective on the things. Enjoy reading!


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I felt pretty good while writing my biography, just going trough all my accomplishments and achievements in life – felt different. If you want to read it, click the button below. 

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timing in life

Trust the timing of your life

One of the most important aspects of your life is the timing, which most people lag in.   Two key components are defining you in this area of your life:…

Outside the borders = real happiness

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog and I hope today’s been a good day for you, whenever you’re reading this that is. In today’s post, I decided to write…

Will you just dream it?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, where today we’re going to talk about our goals and aspirations. We’re going to touch specifically on their achievement as too many…

about me

Feel free here.

I am Emrah, a lifestyle blogger and content creator. Besides that I am also a student, volunteer, science lover, nature lover, fighter for human rights and animal lover. My mind is really open, which makes me open-minded right? Just a joke, I want you to feel free to write anything to me or on this website.

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“Crushed it with the explanation, really enjoyed the topic since it’s a really sensitive matter, but you covered it pretty good. Keep up the great work!!”

– Vixa