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Welcome to my blog. In today’s post I want to talk about all that things we’re passionate about.


What is passion?

Passion is a really strong and barely controllable emotion.

“by Oxford languages”


-Passion is that feeling when you love something so strong that you are ready to do anything to do/have/achieve it.


What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about the profession I want to do in my life and the country I want to live in. I am passionate about these things from the 11th year of my life. And yes, I am ready to do anything it takes to achieve these two things.


Examples of what you might be passionate about:

  • The way you love your pet
  • The way you love your family
  • The way you love your country
  • The thought and desire for better days
  • The way you love your best friends
  • The profession you want to do in your life


What you need to know before you are passionate about something?

You need to know that it won’t be easy to do/have/achieve the thing you’re passionate about.

Your passion is at war with all the negativity and obstacles that try to stop it in its work. That’s why your passion needs your help to win.

There will always be people who will support you.

There will always be people who will try to demotivate you. And this should never stop you!


To be continued…

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Emrah Jusufoski


Emrah Jusufoski

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