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Welcome to my blog. In today’s post I want to talk about trusting yourself. I really hope that you’ll like this post, and if you do please leave your comment bellow in the comment section.

One of the most important things for changing yourself to a better person is the trust, but in this post I  won’t talk about trusting your parents, besties, pets and other people in your life. Today I’ll talk about trusting yourself. Which is much more important than all of the above.


What does “trusting yourself” mean?

Trusting yourself means being able to attempt to do all kinds of things without judging yourself too harshly. However, if you’re looking to build trust in yourself, it can be helpful to do more of the things that you’re good at and less of the things that you aren’t great at.




So basically, trusting yourself means trusting your intuition, not judging yourself about anything in your life, because that’s you, and you should love and accept yourself. It’s just focusing on yourself, accepting yourself, doing things you love, and upgrading yourself at them. Not focusing on the things you are not good at and just being depressed and anxious.


How can you start trusting yourself?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start trusting yourself:

  • Step1: Find yourself (guide)
  • Step2: Accept yourself (guide)
  • Step3: Find out what makes you happy and what doesn’t
  • Step4: Do the things you love and that make you happy, but you don’t have enough confidence to make them.
  • Step5: Do this gradually not too intensely.

Reminder: Do not forget, nothing comes overnight. Everything takes time and a lot of effort.


Thank you for reading this post, I really appreciate everything you do and it really means a lot. If you already started changing yourself to better, comment down and tell me what step you are currently on.


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Emrah Jusufoski

Emrah Jusufoski

Hi, I'm Emrah Jusufoski. I'm a lifestyle, fashion and creativity Blogger & YouTuber coming from North Macedonia. Enjoy the time on my blog!

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