My 150 day – #StayHydrated challenge FINISHED



Hello everyone,

Welcome back on my blog. In today’s blog post I will talk about a challenge I started in February this year. I hope you’ll like it. Enjoy!

The challenge is about staying hydrated and regularly drinking water. I installed an app called Drink Water Tracker Reminder and you can download it HERE. When you download the app firstly you have to allow notifications and then enter your weight and height. After entering that the app will tell you how much water is enough for you and your body, and how much you can drink above that.

I did all this and after everything, the app was activated. Also you can set up the time you want to be reminded at. I set it on every hour to remind me. The app very easy to use.

So I set a goal. The goal was to make a 150 day record on this app, which means to stay hydrated for 150 days and don’t fall below the line. And I did it, today is my 168th day of staying hydrated without any fails. I am so grateful and proud of myself because I made it so far. Of course my next goal is 365 days (1 year). Also you have your achievements page on the app so you can see how you progress.

Now, I challenge you to accept the same challenge and tell me how far you made it down in the comments.

“True hydration is the key to our greatest potential” HYFO



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Emrah Jusufoski

Emrah Jusufoski

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22 thoughts on “My 150 day – #StayHydrated challenge FINISHED

  1. omg do you remember how you got a water reminder notification on a geography class? 😂❤️❤️ Btw GOOD JOB ❤️😉

  2. This is a super idea in the right time (summer). When the human body specially needs water, and we often replace it with other liquids like carbonated drinks which actually are not so healthy. Also we often forget that without water there is no healthy life.

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