Finding and Accepting yourself

Hello everyone,

Welcome back on my blog. Today’s post is literally the most requested post on my blog. Today I will talk about finding and accepting yourself. So let’s start.

What does finding yourself mean?

Finding yourself means going into you. Finding out who you are, who you love, what you want, what you don’t want, your interests, favorite things, things you don’t like, your standards. Actually finding yourself is like meeting your true side. Not the side you show to others when you go out. Not your mask. To make it clear I will show you one example:

-Let’s say there is a boy and his name is Marcos. Marcos is a 13 year old boy. Marcos likes to listen to slow songs (ballads). He is a very withdrawn and calm child. He does not want to get into trouble with anyone in any sense. He prefers to wear baggy clothes and is usually oversized. He also loves curly hair.

But he does not do any of this in public because in 99% of cases he is condemned by his peers but also by other people in the environment in which he lives. So he wears short hair that is regularly brushed and trimmed. He wears clothes that are right for his body. And listens to fast rap songs. Like others do. Because you know, they are the “cool ones”.

He does all this just to avoid being judged or hurt by others. This is just an example to explain what it means to find yourself.

How to find yourself?

When you understand what does finding yourself mean, next step is to find yourself. And if you ask me that’s the easiest step. I know that for some of you is really hard to find yourselves but trust me just read the paragraphs bellow.

In this post I won’t tell you the cliché sentences, instead of that I will tell you how I found myself.

First step I did was cleaning my phone. No, not cleaning physical, I mean the inside.

  • The photos I don’t need anymore (pro tip: please delete all the chat screenshots or all the photos you have and you know that can hurt someone, its just not okay);
  • All the contacts that changed number or you’re not talking with or are not using their number anymore;
  • And the most important all the apps you don’t use anymore (pro tip: delete all the chats on the apps with everyone: because you don’t need them anymore and you can make only bad things with the chats)

Cleaning your phone has two benefits:

  • You are making more storage for your phone;
  • You brain is totally free, and you know there won’t be any problems made from your side;

Second step I took was to start meditating.

To start meditating was literally the best decision I have ever made in my life. It helps me so much with making decisions, choosing what’s right and what’s not, finding out other stuff. And each day I meditate I am finding myself more and more. I will leave my favorite websites, videos and apps which I use for meditating.


  • Video1                                                                            
  • Video2   




Third step I took was creating my own routine.

Try creating your own routine. For example it can look like this:

  • Set your wake up and sleep time;
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner time;
  • Training time; (pro tip: start training or workout, its better for yorself)
  • Starting your diaries and planners;

What does accepting yourself mean?

Now, this is a bit harder thing. It’s actually not so hard, you just have to ACCEPT and APPLY ALL THE PARAGRAPHS I WROTE UP – IN REAL LIFE: out, home, with or without friends, family. In front of anyone, anywhere.

Not to feel ashamed of who and what you are. But, to feel proud of yourself and who you are, what you listen, what you wear,  who you love,…

And also do not let anyone influence your choice of anything.



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Emrah Jusufoski

Emrah Jusufoski

Hi, I'm Emrah Jusufoski. I'm a lifestyle, fashion and creativity Blogger & YouTuber coming from North Macedonia. Enjoy the time on my blog!

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  1. This is really helpful because i think that people are trying to fit in to the social standard way too much instead of being theirselves.Ly.

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